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Enslaved To Your Love - Sonourge
Is this what my life has been all along? Just one bitter memory that has wrapped itself around my mind and squeezed until all logic is left? Thoughts in that I refer to as Memories of Blood, or otherwise known as Hell. Honestly, was this always what awaited me in the end? Yes, I figured as much.
I can't even remember what life was like before you bought me. Before all the love and tender touches that was replaced so easily with hard punches and rough kicks. Now I have nothing to look forward to when the sun begins to set and I return to you once more. Will you pound me into the bed tonight out of lust, not love or will you just lock me outside the palace all night in the cold again? Either way, it leaves me broken.
It's too late for me to turn back; I have nothing left to live for. You were my only one, Scourge. I know that after what I did you could never forgive me. I lost the only thing you ever wanted, an heir to your kingdom. But I can't
:iconshades365:Shades365 92 103
Sonourge - Opposites Attract 7
Sonourge: Opposites Attract
Chapter 7
Sonic and Scourge headed over to one of the "snack shacks" and got in a short line. To Sonic's dismay, though, he saw that there were no chili dogs on the menu.
"Ah… Scourge. There are not even any chili dogs over here. Just those lame, tasteless, regular hot dogs."
Sonic began to walk away, but Scourge was quick to grab his arm and drag him back into the line. "That's cool, Sonic. There's some other stuff on that menu that we can try."
Sonic thought about it and gave Scourge a bright smile. Scourge returned the smile. "Yeah, I guess so." Sonic's stomach began to grumble for a couple of seconds. "And I guess my stomach guesses so, too." Scourge chuckled.
"Next," the echidna behind the counter of the Snack Shack said. Sonic and Scourge went forward and Scourge ordered two chocolate ice creams for the both of them. Sonic was about to take out some money to pay for it, but Scourge insisted that he paid. Sonic put away his money, and Scourge paid
:iconscorpclawff:ScorpclawFF 44 15
Sonic's Alpha part 2
Later on that night…
Sonic was running down the streets to pass the time. There had been tons of news going around about the people disappearing all of a sudden over the past two months. Even though he knew about it, he still wanted to have a relaxing run before he turned in for the night. The cool wind whipped through his fur as he continued on, speeding up. Once he was satisfied, he slowed down to a brisk jog and then he stopped running altogether. He turned a corner and started for home when he heard the sound of shattering glass and loud annoying alarms sounded from within the city museum.
Sonic's ears perked up immediately at the sound and he turned swiftly to face the building to have two figures jump from a glass window and land almost exactly in front of him. His mouth was agape as he stared at the two figures dressed in complete black. These two, two hedgehogs exactly, were openly stealing from the museum and not even caring about all the mess they had caused. The
:iconshades365:Shades365 121 19
Merhogs n Nagas 8
Weeks had passed and Sonic hadn't gotten to see any of his fellow slaves for a long time. Not that he was going to complain however. He was happy just to have them in the same vicinity as himself. Although he did miss them. He'd love to see them again, but he didn't dare ask. After all, they were probably very busy with their training and didn't have time to spare for a visit. The thought made him kind of sad, but he knew the possibility of it being true.
He currently was in his master's pool (or bathtub as Shadow called it), lying on his side in the shallows and playing with the tassel of a nearby pillow, his tail slowly swaying out behind him in boredom. Although he wasn't denied any opportunity to swim, there were times that Sonic just wanted to stretch his tail and move it around a little. Occasionally the Naga or he would find a random fish scale somewhere on the pillows in the room or around the palace. Sonic would blush every time he saw one, and then try to get rid of it subtly
:iconshades365:Shades365 140 102
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